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Dr. Michelle Leary-Chang

Michelle Leary-Chang, ND, IFMCP

Functional Medicine Physician

As a certified functional medicine practitioner from the Institute of Functional Medicine, I believe in treating the root cause of imbalance within the body and optimizing health. I value the relationships I form with each patient, and believe human connection goes a long way in improving health care outcomes. I am passionate about empowering my patients to take control of their own health and strive for lifelong wellness. Find me at Vida Integrated Health in Seattle, WA.


Services Provided

Your Health is in Good Hands

After working in health care since 2009, previously as a cardiac rehab therapist and now as a physician, I understand how to work with my patients to ensure they receive the best care possible. My thoughtful and personalized approach means I’m fully committed to the health and well-being of all my patients. Read below to find out about services I provide. Together, we can create a partnership in health.

Precision Personalized Care

The Care You Deserve

Lifestyle Medicine and Weight-Loss

Helping You Get Healthy

Functional Medicine

Root Cause Medicine


Who I Am

Medicine. Exercise. Life.

I am a Functional Medicine physician who believes that we are at the intersection of a major shift in health care. I am professionally engaged with the leaders of the personalized medicine revolution and am excited to be practicing during such an exciting time. I understand that your health and wellness concerns extend beyond routine medical care. In addition to my training at Bastyr University, I am a Clinical Exercise Physiologist from the American College of Sports Medicine and have taught pilates for over 10 years. My three loves in medicine are diabetes type II, multiple sclerosis, and bioidentical hormones.

In addition to my role as a Functional Medicine Provider at Vida Integrated Health, I am a Research Coordinator at the Institute of Functional Medicine.

I live in Seattle with my husband, son, and two dogs, Minnie and Ozzie.